Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

1. I am a good teacher because I allow students to be who they are. I accept them for all their differences and glitches. I not only accept that but I foster that throughout the year. My aide says, "It's like a garden in here, a bunch of varieties all blooming when they are supposed to." I just add water, and sun!
2. If I weren't a teacher I would be a dog groomer, or hairdresser. I like going to both of these places. I also like that there is a finished product. I often don't get to see the finished product and that is sometimes frustrating.
3. My teaching style is very open. I think that I veer off from the beaten path at times and I am safe in thinking that that is what kids need. I enjoy learning right along with my students.
4. My classroom is chatty. I don't mind talking. I often will say, "Do you get this?" to a student. When they do I ask them to peer tutor another student. We are all learning at the same time. My classroom is also diverse. I am the teacher that requests the special needs, special education, etc. in my classroom. I have a concentration in Special Education and this is the reason why: I wanted to know what to do when I had these students in my room and I wanted to be positive about it. I'm so glad I did!
5. My lesson plans, are weekly. I know what skill, what strategy, etc. but the activity changes daily. I have such a workshop setting now that we really have to just go with whatever the kids need. Fortunately it has been successful.
6. One of my teaching goals: I am pushing forward with Reading Workshop (I don't know what else to call it) and hoping for the best. I am excited about all they will be learning. I want my students to feel the same way I feel about books.
7. The toughest part of teaching is knowing so much about their home lives and not being able to do anything about it. I don't think the American public can even remotely know what adult parents are doing to children. I have purchased clothing, lunches, school supplies, snacks for them to eat for supper, field trip money, etc. People have no idea what we do for these kids. I never knew my heart would be pulled on so emotionally.
8. The thing I love most about teaching is not the academia, it is educational, but not a state standard. It is the moment when you must let them go. I love looking at a student that came in different, one that you raised your eyebrows at and thought, "you have to learn to read?" I look at them in June and my heart is so proud of them. I have brought them to this point. We have worked so hard. It is like watching a bird take flight after being caged. It is like a child on a two wheel bicycle for the first time.
9. A common misconception about teaching is that we get money for the things in our classroom. Even down to staples and paper clips a teacher buys it all. For those of you frustrated by the prospect of rising property taxes for education I say, think of your teachers who have not only paid the taxes but are still filling their rooms with stuff that will make their students better. On average, a teacher spends $1200 out of their own pocket for their classroom. Books aren't cheap folks.
10. The most important thing I have learned since starting my career is that my students, their parents, my administrators, and my colleagues just want to be respected as humans. If we validate one another in a loving way we can get so much further than if we are tearing each other down. It has been a lesson in being human.


Jen Barney said...

Hairdresser, dog groomer??? Never thought that about you- Hmmmm interesting Sarah-

Jen Barney said...

Hey I know that you are blogging right now- It is almost ten- CALL ME-

Sarah said...

Sarah- Can you help me with a few blogging tricks? Help me understand about tagging and meme. How does one tag another? Again, your posts, inspiring!

Jone said...

What do you teach. I am a school librarian, k-5. Best profession in the world.